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New type of bedding with Far-infrared light :: Radiance ::
  • Radishine

    for the healthier life
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Science and Technology The SH far-infrared technology of Radishine Mat recreates the thermal radiation principle of how the sun heats the Earth from 144 million km away. See details +
Safety Safety is essential for a heated bedding where the whole family uses every day Radishine is safe from electromagnetic waves, fire, low temperature burn, and electric shock. See details +
Health Safety is essential. We aim beyond warmth- good health.
Our far-infrared technology has a healthy effect on your body.
See details +
Design Ultra-slim, ultra-light material that brings you the warmth and coziness of your bed. See details +
Differentiated performance Energy consumption, convenience, durability. The cutting-edge technology brings a whole new level of performance from previous heating mat. See details +

Best Sleep with Far-Infrared radiation :: Radiance ::