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"Ultimate Safety and Zero electrical pollution using DC 24V safe voltage" Not using the high AC electricity causing the harmful electromagnetic
waves(electrical pollution),We use 24V safe voltage and Direct Current
which guarantees the ultimate safety and dose not cause harmful
electromagnetic waves fundamentally.
Simply blocking electrical pollution VS No electrical pollution. The existing products which assert that they block the generation of
harmful electromagnetic waves cannot fundamentally prevent the
generation although they can decrease the effect of harmful
electromagnetic waves by using the blocking materials.
Radishine uses the technology which can make super high heat
using not AC but DC 24V low voltage and does not cause any
harmful electromagnetic waves.
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“Safe from low temperature burns,
the fatal flaw of heating mats”
When skin is overexposed to heating mats, we may incur a deep and serious burn without realizing.
Radishine's cutting-edge heat circulation technology maintains warmth by letting heat circulate through
our back, waist, and legs, while preventing heat exposure to be concentrated on certain areas.
“Safe from fire hazards” The previous AC 220V electric heated bedding have a fire hazard by broken wire or overheating.
Hot water mats may lead to fires when the electrical heater heating the water is overheated.
Radishine uses a cutting-edge heat wire that is folder-tested 700,000 times, with no danger of breaking.
Applying our heat circulation technology, we've reduced the danger of fire by broken wire or overheating to a minimum.
“Safe from electric shock” Voltage under 24V is safe and does not affect the human body.
[(cf. Regulations on Industrial Safety Standards, No. 354(Safe voltage standards: under 30V),IEEE Code (under 24V)]
Radishine is safe from the danger of electric shock by water or external impact.

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