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New type of bedding with Far-infrared light :: Radiance ::


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“Enhancing Human's Immunity through Far infrared” Far-infrared radiation, discovered by German physicist Wilhelm Wien who received the 1911 Nobel Prize, is known as the most beneficial wavelength to the human body.
As 65-80% of our bodies are composed of water, far-infrared radiation can permeate into 4-5cm under our skin, 80 times deeper than general heat.
Infused all over the body, far-infrared helps cells to stay young and healthy enhancing one's overall immunity.
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“Warming up skin cells, Radishine mat” The light emitted from the Radishine mat permeates deeply into our body finely shaking our body cells over 2000 times per minute.
The oscillating effect within our cells keep our cell tissues warm and healthy.
Experience the healthy, refreshing feeling after a good night's sleep on the Radishine Mat.
“Improving blood health through heat circulation tech ” Our ergonomic technology enables the heat of the mat to circulate through the back, waist, and legs, helping blood flow evenly through our body when sleeping.
The light permeating into the blood resonates and dissolves coagulated sera in our blood helping to improve our blood health.
“Enjoy the benefits of a half bath while lying down, improving blood circulation” A half bath stimulates blood circulation by warming up the blood in the lower part of the body.
Radishine's heat circulates through the back, waist, and legs, gradually warming up various body parts allowing blood to flow smoothly around the body.
Due to the difference in blood density, blood circulation is increased
“Body part fomentation” Radishine offers shoulder, waist, and leg fomentation, increasing usability.
If you feel hot easily, you can choose to warm just the legs and feet or choose to rub the shoulders and waist if you have pains in that area.

Best Sleep with Far-Infrared radiation :: Radiance ::