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New type of bedding with Far-infrared light :: Radiance ::


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“Premium fabric used in Scandinavian bedding” Radishine paid attention not only towards heating performance, but also the fabric material that touches your skin directly.
The 100% modal fabric used mostly in premium Scandinavian bedding gives a soft feeling to the touch.
*Modal is a natural fabric extracted from beech trees, that has excellent antibacterial functions and quickly absorbs and discharge moisture.
Considered to be the softest fabric of all, modal is extremely soft and excellent to touch.
It is a premium fabric that can sustain its silky texture and shine after machine wash.
“Ultra-light, Ultra-slim” Other electric mats or hot-water mats are difficult to store and carry around due to large size and weight.
Radishine's slim and light mats enhance convenience for users.
“Modern, simple design that matches well with any style of bed ” A range of colors including dark grey, light grey, white, and dress blue goes well with any style of bed.
Radishine paid attention not just towards function, but even small details such as the harmony with the bedroom interior and bed design.
*Suitable for floor use

Best Sleep with Far-Infrared radiation :: Radiance ::