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Differentiated performance

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“Average power consumption of a single light bulb”
Electric mattress pad
Electric heating wires using
AC 220V cover the entire mat,
increasing power consumption and
the generation of electromagnetic waves.
Hot-water mat
Hot-water mats, using AC 220V,
also have high power consumption due
to the boiler heating water.
Radishine use DC 24V and the world's first patented heat circulation technology, using only the power needed for a single light bulb on average.
“Machine wash and spin dry” Radishine is slim and flexible, allowing regular machine washes
that ensure a semi-permanent life span.
Extremely durable with no risk of electric shock,
you can fold or wrinkle Radishine for storage,
and also spin dry with no worries.
“Resist bacteriat” Far-infrared radiation removes germs and mold, a prime cause for various diseases,
through heating and dehumidifying.
It also helps to exterminate dust mites inside the mattress.

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