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Smart Heating Algorithm®

Body-sensitive heat control algorithm

  • Thermotherapy that destroys cancer
  • High-speed heating technology to design heat the way we want
  • Phased algorithm that considers the human body mechanism

Thermotherapy that destroys cancer

When heat is applied to the human body, the body temperature rises. When our body temperature increases by 33.8℉, our immunity increases threefold. This is the principle of 'thermotherapy', passed down for generations. Thermotheraphy does not just improve our level of immunity. It has also been established as the fourth method of treatment for cancer, along with the previous three methods of chemotheraphy, surgery, and radiotherapy.

The secret of 108℉

The normal human body temperature is 97.7℉. Cancer cells die at 108℉. Heat has an important effect on the human body. It relieves muscle pain and relaxes body tension, and the healthy effects of heat has been proven. A daily use of heating mats for 20 minutes is recommended to improve blood circulation.


In fact, many studies and papers on how to improve human health and destroy cancer cells(hyperthermia) can be found in the MEDLINE®, a medical database at the U.S. Congress Library. In 1960s Japan, medical thesis stating 'cancer can be cured naturally' 'cancer can be cured through fever' were announced.

The problem with heat is the side effect that may come when the human body is overexposed to heat. According to the National Cancer Institute(NCI) of the U.S., normal cells start getting damaged from 116.6℉, causing swelling, dizziness, and vomit. In extreme cases, it may induce cardiac and vessel diseases. This is why an appropriate heat design is important. However, most products do not consider these two sides of heat, simply implementing heating functions.

Through decades of scientific research and clinical trials in convergence material, Radiance has developed the optimal heat algorithm for human sleep and health. With this body-sensitive heat control algorithm, Radishine eliminates any side effects brought on by heat and enhances only the beneficial effects

High-speed heating technology to design heat the way we want

The "heating complex new material" technology which is the core technology of Radiance is the world's only one that can generate heat in seconds. The amount of heat released is controlled according to the designed levels, turning on and off in seconds. This prevents heat from being excessively accumulated, while having outstanding effects on conserving energy.

Phased algorithm that considers the human body mechanism

Radiance thought beyond simply generating heat. We minimize the energy wasted for generating heat and have researched to design optimal heat for human body mechanism at the same time. Smart Heating Algorithm® prevents internal body from taking excessive heat by dividing phased On/Off cycle and damaging the skin by burn(low temperature burn) or consistent heat.

For instance, When you sets the temperature controller at 1 Phase 1 - Heat wire 1 circuit supplies power (shoulders) for 20 seconds.
Phase 2 - Heat wire 1 circuit off and 2 circuit supplies power (waist) for 20 seconds.
Phase 3 – Heat wire 2 circuit off and 3 circuit supplies power (legs) for 20 seconds.
These Phases 1 to 3 will be automatically repeated in fixed time and then rest.
This process will be consistently repeated through programmed cycle
After operating 15 hours, the power will be automatically OFF
Through decades of researches and clinical demonstrations, this algorithm has been completed loaded in the temperature controlling system designing the optimal heat

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