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Portable Far-infrared radiation Therapy


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Radiance Clinic : The true far-infrared radiation therapy

Radiance clinic for who?

We developed the Radiance Belly&Back Clinic product(stomach & waist heat therapy) for our wives coping with cramps and others with backaches.

It is usable in 2 parts of our bodies

1) Stomach – solving cramps and for blood circulation of abdomen/lower parts of abdomen
Hyperthermia can be great help for women who have trouble dealing with cramps. It is known that when the womb is warm, aeremia circulation is promoted, emitting body waste and toxin, reducing pain. Also, if inducing blood circulation improvement of the pelvis, it can help get rid of bladder infection/cramps and help recover health. By increasing the temperature of the stomach, it helps the blood circulation of the whole body including the abdomen.

2) Waist – for all with chronic backaches or other waist problems
Many people have problems due to wrong positions or too much work. Chronic backaches can be eased with regular warm heat therapy. It increases the blood flow rate and relaxes muscles, relieving the pain. Acute backaches must be dealt with by applying ice packs to get rid of inflammatory substances and bring down swelling by 1~2 days of the injury. Then, after 3~4 days, the muscles get together and contract. Then it can be cured with hyperthermia.

belly and back heating pad

Simply enjoy the far-infrared radiation heat therapy spreading into the skin.

belly and back heating pad

Wearing on stomach

belly and back heating pad belly and back heating pad

Wearing on waist

belly and back heating pad

Radiance clinic can be activated with cell phone power banks(battery packs).

belly and back heating pad

It can be used in 3 modes for heat therapy ; high temperature(red), middle temperature(blue), and low temperature(green).

belly and back heating pad

There is a detachable power bank (battery pack) pocket on the waist.
Feel the stomach / waist heat therapy in any position when moving.

belly and back heating pad belly and back heating pad

'SFIM' Far Infrared Ray Technology

SFIM, heating system certificated as medical device

SFIM(SUHO Far Infrared Ray Technology) reproduces the same effects NASA found from the sun’s far-infrared radiation. The far-infrared radiation heat sent from SFIM spreads deep into our body and resounds and resonates at least 2,000 times a minute. Apart from conductive heat from normal heating elements, SFIM’s radiant heat spreads deep into the belly and back, giving an unexperienced feeling of relief. Normal use of Radiance Clinic can greatly alleviate chronic pain.

* The SFIM medical device certification is the same as Radishine
Go to see the certification Learn more about SFIM 

Heat Therapy

Hyperthermia fitting in your hand

Radiance Clinic has no limits of time or space. Previous products have difficulties when using as they have to be heated in a microwave or in boiling water. Radiance Clinic can provide far-infrared radiation hyperthermia anywhere like at home, in your car, or office with only a power bank (battery pack).

* Hyperthermia is therapy recommended by professional medical teams as they do not require surgery or drugs for reducing pain or rehabilitation treatment.

  • Heat therapy help to relieve pain caused by
  • · Period Pain
  • · Cystitis
  • · Muscle Strains, Spasms, and Cramps
  • · Muscle Tension
  • · Herniated / Ruptured Disc
  • · Pinched Nerve
  • · Whiplash
  • · Rotator Cuff Tendon Strain, Inflammation, or Tear
  • · Separated shoulder (AC Separation)
  • · Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)
  • · Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
  • · Superior Labral Anterior-to-Posterior (SLAP) Tear
  • · Dislocated Shoulder
  • · Post-Operative Recovery
  • · Tendonitis
  • · Repetitive Stress/Strain Injury (RSI)
  • · Gout
  • · Arthritis Pain and Inflammation
  • · General Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • · Other Soft Tissue Shoulder Injuries and Chronic Conditions

Safe Low-Voltage

Safe Low-Voltage

The recommended safe voltage rate from IEEE is 24V. But Radiance Clinic is designed to operate even lower, 5V. 24V has no danger of short circuit, or electric shock but can be dangerous in water or when children have water on their mouths. As Radiance Clinic must be used a long time, we chose the safer 5V.


bell and back clinic size
Surface fabric · Lining · Filling : Polyester 100%
Rating power consumption
DC 5V 2.2A : 11W
* For cell phone Power bank (battery pack) only
* Product made for use after connecting power bank(battery pack).
Hour of use
When using original Power bank (battery pack) with 10,000mAh (energy output)
- High temperature(Red): about 4 hours and 30 minutes
- Middle temperature(Blue): About 6 hours and 45 minutes
- Low temperature(Green): About 9 hours
(time can differ according to quality and used time of power bank(battery pack))
* Power banks(battery packs) aren’t sold by our company and users must purchase them through other means or use products purchased beforehand.
How to use
- Adjust the power banks(battery packs) to the product’s cable(the USB jack).
- Turn the power bank(battery pack) on.
- Turn the product on by using power switch.
* Press the power switch for 3 seconds (For On and Off).
* Turn from high temperature(red) to middle temperature(blue) and then low temperature(green).
- After warming up for 5 minutes, it automatically turns in middle temperature(blue). At this point, reset the service temperature.
Service temperature
- Temperature of SFIM heat rays : 72℃(temperature of heat rays measured when far-infrared radiation release blocked)
- Actual temperature when using product : 38 ~ 45℃
- Penetration length of far-infrared radiation is about 3~5cm
* As it is not a surface heater, but a technology using the radiant heat returned from vibration made by far-infrared radiation entered in the body, the temperature can feel different according to users.
Power banks(battery packs)
- Power banks(battery packs) aren’t sold by our company and users must purchase them through other means or use products purchased beforehand.
- Power bank(battery packs) must be 5V(no limitations on capacity), and all power banks(battery packs) distributed around the world can be used.
- After warming up for 5 minutes and reset, it is possible to control the temperature from level 1~3.
- If used as high temperature mode in a long time or directly on the skin, injuries can occur.
- When using for more than 10 minutes, those with weak skin can result in low temperature burns so don’t make direct access on the skin.
- When using on high temperature mode(red), low temperature burns can occur so use middle temperature(blue) or low temperature(green) mode when using for more than 10 minutes.
- Do not dismantle, remodel, or mend.
- Pushing the power switch on too hard can result in breakdowns.
- Power banks(battery packs) can explode when thrown, damaged, or used too much heated situations over 50℃ so please follow precautions of power bank(battery pack) dealers.
* As power banks(battery packs) are not our company’s products, we are not responsible for related cases.

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