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New type of bedding with Far-infrared light :: Radiance ::

Technology Certifications

  • Radishine Technology Patent

    Smart Heating Algorithm and SH Far-Infrared heating wire are patented in Korea, Republic of

  • KFDA Approval

    Radishine is registered as medical device in KFDA satisfying the standards for manufacture and quality management.

  • EMF Electromagnetic Field Test

    Radishine passed safety inspection of the electromagnetic field from KTC

  • Anti-bacterial Test

    Anti-bacterial function of Radishine is certified from KIFA.

  • Low Power Consumption

    The Result of power consumption testing from KTC - Single Size: 32.5w / Queen Size : 63.4w

  • Far-Infrared Emission Certified

    Far-infrared Emission of Radishine is certified from Korea Farinfrared Association .

Best Sleep with Far-Infrared radiation :: Radiance ::