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Radishine’s various expected effect for enhanced health

Radishine maximizes the human’s natural cure ability. Radishine’s thermal massage effect will during your bed time Experience refreshing feeling in the morning through Radishine We received Korea Food & Drug Administration’s certification

  • Overview
  • Enhancing human’s self-healing ability and immunity
  • Expected effect for enhanced health

Composite New material, which emits 100% effective far-infrared ray discovered by NASA, Smart Heating Algorithm®

Radishine born with a mixture of circulation heat massage technology is a cutting edge sleeping heat technology which can genuinely enhance health through bedtime without side effects of damaging skin or low burns. This is the dream technology which is the world’s first and unique future technology changing the paradigm of heat bedding that mankind could not have introduced due to the existing technological limit.

Radishine is a product only produced in Radiance Co.Ltd and the world’s exclusive, patented product.

Radishine has a certification of Korea Food & Drug Administration recognizing its functionality. However, the effect is receiving attention from various places for enhancing human health effectively which cannot be explained by just certification but a experience science.

Radishine’s mysterious heat effect is expected to bring various amazing effects for enhancing human health as seen below.

Healthy Heat

Thermal heat promotes increase of blood in the parts and whole body, making metabolism fast thus having relax of muscle tone and pain killer effect. Originally living creature’s cell can die when exposed to some degree of high temperature because the protein which needed for life conservation clogs. Especially cancer cells is weak when compared to the normal cells, and this fact is used for cancer therapy although heat is used in a cancer therapy.

Side effect when exposed consistently to the high temperature heat

If the temperature is extremely hot, the tissues beside cancer cells are also damaged so the temperature between 108.5℉ and 113℉ will be reasonable. In 116.6℉, the normal cells start getting damaged bringing some symptoms such as swelling, dizziness, and vomit etc. In severe cases, it may causes heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Though reasonable heat design is important for these reasons, most existing product simply realizes the function of generating heat without considering double-sidedness.

What if heat is not convey deeply into our body?

Most heating/steaming and thermal equipment or Far-infrared device transfer heat only to a epidermal level, failing to reach the deeper level such as muscles and bones . This transfers heat only skin-deep at 1cm, making the effects slight and temporary. Most heating/steaming and thermal equipment need at least 30 minutes of heat applied to the body for the heat to reach the muscle tissue and raise the muscle temperature by 1 degree. Exposure to heat for such a long period of time may cause the burns.

Radishine, The technology promoting health in future bedtime.

Radishine’s provided heat not only has beneficial effect permeating deeply into the muscles and bones under the skin and subcutaneous fat but also a cutting edge sleeping heat technology promoting true enhancement of health through bed time. This is the dream technology which is the world’s first and unique future technology changing the paradigm of heat bedding that mankind could not have introduced due to the existing technological limit.

Radishine’s mysterious heat effect is expected to bring various amazing enhanced body health effects.

Radishine is a essence of bedtime science helping true sleep and enhancement of health.

Enhancing human’s self-healing ability and immunity

People can enhance their natural cure ability and level of immunity instinctively while they sleep. Therefore, the place where people sleep is an important issue and how they sleep, how deeply they can comfortably sleep, is the key for enhancing health.

Radiance is born through combination of healthy light(wave) that can permeate deeply into the muscles and bones in the body ,healthy heat algorithm, and scientific circulative heat generation therapy technology for your deep sleep.

If you sleep on Radishine, you can have deep sleep without any notice during bed time which can make you have some comfortable feeling of bed mattress and generate warm, cozy heat as a soft bedding

We expect you to feel enhanced body health, human’s self-healing ability and immunity of yourself while you have comfortable sleep on Radishine.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases

Both the mysterious far-infrared ray heat effect emitted from composite new material technology generating heat and the heat massage effect by scientific driving heat method as well as circulative generating heat technology are expected to give big help for preventing cardiovascular diseases making positive effect to blood vessel in the body.

Improving Prostate Health

Prostatitis or prostate hypertrophy is exacerbated when one feels cold. The body atrophies when cold, worsening the need to urine. A person with severe prostate hypertrophy may have acute urinary retention symptoms, being unable to urinate even with a full bladder. Therefore, thermotherapy is known as effective to any prostatic diseases. When the symptoms get worse, the symptoms will be eased if you makes warm the particular part by Radishine.

Improving blood circulation

Radisine’s scientific driving heat system and circulative generating heat technology by Smart Heating Algorithm®, block the harmful heat operation to body, at the same time it generates difference of blood density in each body part circulating shoulders, waist, and legs, 3 phases, as if you have lower-body bathing. It is estimated to make blood circulation well and animate the activities of cells. Therefore when you sleep on Radishine, we expects gradual enhancing health effect and your skin becoming better (Good make-up for women), as well as an improvement of your sexual function.

Sound sleep effect

Many people have commented on the amazing effect of Radishine on sleep during the Radishine experience tests. Here are some of them: - I fell asleep easily after lying in bed, and felt refreshed in the morning. - I once had insomnia, but I was able to sleep soundly without taking any sleeping pills. - Even cats and dogs like to sleep and play on the Radishine. Radishine, loved by even animals which are more sensitive to electromagnetic waves than human, liberated from worrying electromagnetic waves, creates a best healthy sleeping environment for maintaining health, and strengthens one's immunity and self-healing ability through sound sleep.

Relieving Pain and Relaxing Muscles

As a certified public medical effect by Korea Food & Drug Administration, Radishine’s heat effect can penetrate deeply into muscle tissues in the body improving hypothermia and releasing pain as well as giving effective help to relaxation of muscles and reducing shoulders or waist pain also fatigue of muscles. After strenuous exercise or feeling unwell, if you sleep on Radishine, you will get refreshment and comfort just like having massage. Also, those who are elders and weak will feel eased hypothermia after sleeping on Radishine, feeling warm through whole body.

Effective in reducing menstrual pain

The fundamental way of improving menstrual pain is to discharge the coldness inside a woman's body and allowing the warmth to flow. Thermotherapy is a good, essential way of treating menstrual pain without any external friction. Radishine enables thermotherapy without the dangers of skin damage and low temperature burns, stimulating blood circulation while strengthening the blood vessels. This helps to discharge the coldness out of the body and allows good blood to flow smoothly around the body.

Outstanding effect in Postpartum Care

New mothers are vulnerable to cold and wind, so they need recuperation for some period of time. Radishine provides thermotherapy with no the dangers of skin damage or low temperature burns, helping a mother's swift recovery.

Various medical effects

Radishine has been certified as a medical device by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. But the benefits that cannot be explained by certifications can be heard by many users' experiences. Thermotherapy without the dangers of skin damage or low temperature burns are known to be effective in decreasing the blood pressure of hypertension patients, as well as decreasing the blood-sugar levels of diabetes patients.

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