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Wireless FIR Heated Comforter(5V battery)
Radishine is the first comforter in the world to use a 5V power bank (battery pack) in releasing far-infrared radiation heat. A Radishine comforter has advanced SFIM (SUHO far-infrared heating wire composite material) as its core technology which is an ultra-safe, low voltage heating technology available only in Radiance. There is no chance of electric shock, risk of fire, or harmful electromagnetic waves.
Previous similar products could not function with the 5V power bank (battery pack) of normal cell phones and had low heat efficiency, which allowed warming of only a small area. There was much demand for the previous heating blankets but due to raw materials and technology, they were never commercialized. But the Radishine comforter activates with a normal cell phone power bank (battery pack, 5V. 2.1A) and releases far-infrared radiation when turned on. Radiance SFIM is an advanced technology that allows far-infrared radiation to soak deep in to the skin and allows coziness and warmness to spread to the body, giving a warm and comfortable feeling.
When you cover yourself with a Radishine, you will definitely experience the solar heat that is founded on SFIM technology permeating through your body snugly. This cozy heat stems from an advanced technology that no one can even try to copy with any currently existing technology. It’s a world’s first a most unique technology that only exists in Radiance.

Colors and Size

* Radishine Smart Heated Comforter : 2 sizes(Queen, Twin), 5 colors(Light Gray, Gray, Storm Gray, Peach, Blue)

* Radishine Heated Blanket : 2 colors(Sand, Mint)

* Radishine Heated Baby Blanket : 2 colors(Baby Pink, Baby Blue)

Science and Technology

What is far infrared ray?
Far-infrared rays are a new type of infrared radiation that NASA has discovered. Beginning from research to secure food resources inside a spaceship, far-infrared ray studies have developed mostly for medical purposes. It is an effective light that is regarded as an elixir of life, effective in treating cancer and preventing aging. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the far infrared ray is situated between the red light of the visible range and microwave radiation. It is one of the invisible lights. Its wave length is within 0.76-1000 micron (μm) range. Generally we can divide the different wave bands of infrared ray into the near-infrared, medium infrared and far infrared ray. The wavelength of 4 to 1000 micron within the infrared band is the far infrared ray.
Radiant Heat
Sunlight is the source of the radiant heat that we experience every day in our lives. You may recall being out in the sun and suddenly experiencing a cooling-down feeling when clouds hid sun. The reason we feel this change in temperature immediately, even though there wasn’t enough time for the air temperature to decrease, is because the clouds blocked the sun’s infrared radiation from reaching our bodies. The heat from the infrared radiation is similar to the sun’s heat, as well as the heat that our bodies generate by burning calories from food to keep ourselves warm. Radiant heat has excellent storage, making it effective for winter heating.
The benefits of far-infared radiation
The typical effect of far-infrared radiation generating a heat reaction after being absorbed into our bodies is enlarging our capillaries, encouraging blood circulation and cellular tissue growth. Also, when the heat reaches the moisture and protein molecules that make up the cells, it shakes the cells 2,000 times per minute. This vitalizes the cellular tissues, helping to prevent aging, boosting metabolism, increasing tissue regeneration, and preventing adult diseases such as chronic fatigue.
The dangers of near-infrared
The dangerous radiation that we currently know of comes from near-infrared, not far-infrared. The wave lengths of light emitted from a common infrared lamp is over 80% near-infrared rays under 3 microns when measured. These near-infrareds with short wavelengths are difficult to absorb into our body and can cause skin cancer. Also, exposure for a long time to near-infrared radiation with wavelengths under 2 microns can result in low-temperature burns instead of the anticipated healing effects.
The far-infrared ray from sunlight
Far-infared ray emitted from the SFIM is the currently the only technology known to mankind that contains the same universe energy found in the sun's far-infrared ray. Far-infrared ray is a heat-generation and transfer technology. When the heating element (heating wire) consumes 1KW electricity, this electrical energy is changed into a wavelength of light(far-infrared ray) and travels 360 degrees out of the heating element at the speed of light. This wavelength is then absorbed into the object, creating vibrations (resonance) inside the object that is reverted again into heat. The heating effects of this technology depends on how efficiently the electrical energy can be changed into the wavelength of light(far-infrared), how far the changed wavelength can travel, how well this wavelength can be absorbed into the object, and how much the wavelength can be reverted to heat after being absorbed. Efficient performance of this wavelength is called the degree of activation in far-infrared. The wavelength with the greatest degree of far-infrared activation is the far-infrared ray emitted from the sun. The suns' far-infrared is presumed to contain an energy (tentatively named 'universe energy') that cannot be explained by any physics theory or law that mankind has developed. Utilizing this far-infrared ray that holds the universe energy and applying it to all the areas where humans need heat will revolutionize our heating paradigm.
Conventional heating products’ far-infrared vs. Radishine’s far-infrared
Conventional heating/steaming and thermal equipment has weak or temporary far-infrared effects (weak penetration, short distance, etc.). The heat cannot reach over 1cm under the skin so that it has less therapeutic effect. Most heating/steaming and thermal equipment needs to be applied for at least 30 minutes to warm the muscle tissue by raising its temperature by 1 degree. Such a long exposure to heat may cause burns. The far-infrared heat of Radishine permeates deeply into muscle and bone tissues, perfectly achieving the far-infrared effect of the sun discovered by NASA. Radishine is the only product that can bring real therapeutic effects such as relaxation of muscle pain, improvements of blood circulation, and enhancement of the immune system.

Heat Therapy

Smart Heating Algorithm for the perfect Sleep
Years of R&D went into making sure Radishine is able to have an advanced technology that can make people’s better sleep possible using a smart heating algorithm. Radiance uses three astonishing technologies to develop such a result. The first technology is the far-infrared heat that permeates deeply into the muscle and bone tissues perfectly achieving the effect of the sun as discovered by NASA. Second, we maximized the best sleep environment by making it possible to apply different levels of heat at different parts of one’s body using heat circulation system. Last but not least, we have optimized the best temperature settings based on years of our own analytics.
  • 1)The far-infrared heat of Radishine permeates deeply into muscle and bone tissues, perfectly achieving the far-infrared effect of the sun proven by NASA
  • 2) Maximize the best sleep environment by sending heat to the different parts of your body by heat circulation
  • 3) Optimized temperature settings based on years of analytics
    – Study :
Rapid heat-generating technology
At the center of Radishine’s technology are “new composite heat materials” that can generate heat instantly. A Radishine comforter can control its heat production rate by turning on and off every second based on different levels of settings that one would want. This remarkable process can avoid not only excessively building up heat, but also magnificently saves energy.
Heat Circulation
Radishine’s heat-circulating technology has been designed to apply healthy heat effects to the human body by low power energy. The human body has a distinct feature in that it tries to maintain homeostasis. Therefore, Radishine conducts heat indirectly to the whole body by using a remarkable method that applies heat at certain parts of the body to let one’s warmed up bloodstream spread out. Starting with this fundamental principle, the heat circulation technology has made it possible to pull out heat by circulating it through different circuits that have been divided into shoulder, belly, leg, or even upper and lower parts of your body. This crucial difference has given Radishine its advantages, such as saving about 1/3~1/6 of the energy by not spreading heat over the whole area at once. Moreover, whenever one is using a Radishine, it maintains the difference of your blood density consistently in the shoulder, belly, leg, or upper and lower parts of body. This process can have a positive effect on blood circulation, and at the same time you will experience the same effect as though you were bathing your lower half. Repetition of this remarkable process is designed to make you peacefully fall into a sound sleep by maximizing the comfortableness all over your body as time goes by.
Upper & Lower Body Division
Temperature settings can be adjusted separately for the upper and lower body. Keep your feet and other extremities warm by increasing blood circulation to the parts that need it.
Dual - Mode
RadiShine allows control over each partner’s bed temperature separately.
Sleep pattern Mode
In sleep mode, temperature settings are automatically regulated to encourage the three stages of sleep to match your circadian rhythm: falling asleep, deep slumber and before waking.
Radishine’s unbelievable heat effect is greatly expected to create several health benefits.
Without causing any side effects such as skin damage or low temperature burns, it is a technology that helps people to have sound sleep and build up their own health with true sleep. It is the beginning of a revolution in electronic exothermic bedding, which other people have failed to achieve due to limitations of technology until now.
A heat that is good for your health
Heat has great benefits such as increasing the level of blood flow all over the body and creating a fast metabolism that results in relaxation of muscle tension. We use “heat” for cancer treatment for setting a high value because of the fact that cancer cells are relatively weak against high temperature compared to normal cells. Moreover, when cells are exposed to high temperature, they die out due to the coagulation of necessary proteins. Therefore, we can keep our eye on the power of heat as a treatment for almost any incurable disease.
Radishine: An ideal future healthy sleeping technology
Radishine is the true definition of “the science of sleep.” and it can help people to have sound sleep and promote their health
Improvement of natural healing(recovery) power and immunity in human body
A sound night’s sleep is known to strengthen the human body’s innate natural healing (recovery) power and immune system. Therefore, sleeping is very important for humans. The key to health improvement is how we fall asleep, which refers to how long we experience deep, comfortable sleep (deep sleep). Radishine uses a combination of healthful light that penetrates into the muscles and bones through heating a composite element using a healthful heat algorithm and scientific circulatory heating therapy technology, thereby inducing a sound sleep. Radishine, true bedding, will generate comfortable warmth and provide an experience of bed science and of a soft mattress cushion, so that you can fall into deep sleep. During a comfortable and deep sleep with Radishine, the human body’s natural healing (recovery) power and immunity will be strengthened, resulting in a natural improvement of health.

SFIM Technology

What is SFIM?
SFIM(SUHO Far-Infrared heating wire composite material), the core technology of Radiance, is a heat-generating new material and releases a special far-infrared ray. Far-infared ray is a new type of infrared radiation that NASA discovered. The typical effect of far-infrared ray generating a heat reaction after being absorbed into our bodies, is enlarging our capillaries, encouraging blood circulation and cellular tissue growth. Also, when the heat reaches the moisture and protein molecules that make up the cells, it shakes the cells 2,000 times per minute. This vitalizes the cellular tissues, helping to prevent aging, boost metabolism, increasing tissue regeneration, and preventing adult diseases such as chronic fatigue. Other benefits include pain reduction, removal of heavy metal particles, deodorization, mold-repelling, dehumidification, and air cleaning, making it useful as medical equipment, kitchen equipment, housing and building materials, textiles, bedding, etc. SFIM is the world's first far-infrared ray containing energy of universe.
Key technology
- Resistance suppression technology targeting the electricity skin effect
- Kinetic energy controlling technology on inner parts of atoms forming hot wire (resistance) molecules
- Electric dipole moment controlling technology targeting atoms when we conduct electricity through hot wire (resistance)
Content of technology and effectiveness
- With the repetition of nuclear spin conversion, it increases the speed and the number of times collisions occur between nuclear and a free electrons even higher than the Joule’s Law caloric value. Moreover, even with a tiny bit of electric flow, the hot wire reacts sensitively, which allows high-speed and high-temperature heating to happen. This technology increases energy efficiency by using ewer resources and getting a great outcome.
- Through changing an electric dipole moment’s size and position, one can release great quantity of far-infrared radiation. At the same time, it holds nuclear spin energy’s movement back, which can let far-infrared radiation include intensive dark energy that flies off to a great distance.
- Due to all the above principles, a movement that reacts sensitively toward electric flow creates strong heating under voltage electricity (1V~24V). In particular, this technology activates strong heating reaction on DC current even at the photovoltaic modules (DC 1V~24V). These technologies can be merged with a photovoltaic system and open the way to a new generation of technology by fulfilling zero energy consumption goals associated with any field that needs heat.
Extra fine heat wire – No wire felt through the fabric and no jab-in-the-rib
The bedding a person lies on or covers him or herself with when sleeping should be soft, give a feeling of coziness, and induce better sleep. In this context, bed manufacturers are developing beds and mattress cushions in a process they call “bed science,” which incorporates state-of-art technologies. In this way, they compete in the field of high-performance cushion technology. However, conventional electric heated bedding have technological constraints that only result in the manufacturing of products with low flexibility. This is because conventional electric heated bedding apply inferior (in terms of tensile strength and durability, etc.) electric heat wire element technology, making electrical heated bedding difficult to bend, stiff, and thick(to prevent a short-circuit caused by bending and folding of internal electrical heat wire). Furthermore, non-bending, stiff, and thick conventional electric heated bedding with low flexibility also pose a problem in the fact that the unique, high-performance, cushiony feel of high-end and high-performance beds is lost when they are placed on beds made with cutting-edge technology. As a result, conventional electric heated bedding has very low flexibility and cannot be called genuine heating bedding synonymous with softness and coziness. Radishine has resolved these problems by adopting SFIM heating composite material, which causes no safety problems even when the blanket/comforter is rolled or folded completely. Radishine Conventional heated blanket
Wireless + Compatibility (any type of 5V USB batteries) ex) power bank, battery pack, etc.
No need for an outlet, an external battery pack keeps Radishine wireless and portable. There is no risk of electric shock, fire or harmful electromagnetic wave exposure. Capable of being powered by any 5V external battery (power bank), Radishine comforter offers unparalleled heating efficiency. To ensure that consumers can use heat bedding more conveniently, compatibility should be assured with various products that are commercially marketed and very easily available. In this smart phone era, compatibility is important for products standardized with DC 5V (2.1A output), which are available anywhere. Radishine is a convenient and safe product compatible with any components such as a DC 5V(2.1A output) battery, auxiliary battery, power bank, power bank auxiliary battery, battery pack, energy storage devices(ESS), and portable DC power supplies, etc., which differs from device that work by plugging a power cord into an AC 110-220V in combination with bedding such as ordinary electric blanket/pad, etc. Queen Size — 5V, 2.1A output, 2 USB ports (2.1A each)
Twin Size — 5V, 2.1A output, 1 USB port
* Battery not included
3-Safe TECHNOLOGY : Fire / Electric Shock / Electromagnetic Wave
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), under the umbrella of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified the extremely low frequencies generated from high-voltage transmission lines and household electrical appliances as Group 2B carcinogens in 1999. In addition, the IARC also classified microwave emissions from mobile phones and mobile communication facilities as Group B2 carcinogens in 2011. Electric blankets operating at AC 110V/220V and the household electrical appliances that use an alternating current as mentioned above are all categorized as Group B2 carcinogens using an extremely low frequency (50-60Hz). In particular, electromagnetic waves from electric blankets are in close proximity to the human body for 8 hours while sleeping, which is pretty scary. The electromagnetic waves from extremely low frequency products are reduced to 1/100 even when the distance is more than 30cm. Electric blankets that use DC low-voltage electric power without harmful electromagnetic waves are good. However, not many DC mats have been put on the market for the following reasons. Based on AC 220V (alternating current), products operating at voltages below DC 24V (direct current) should generate heat with about 1/10 of the voltage. To generate heat with a voltage below DC 24V, the heat wire must, theoretically, be thick, or the current must be amplified to provide sufficient heat output. Higher currents make it very difficult to control. When a high electrical current is used, local overheating, or a blow phenomenon, will result from even a slightly insufficient capacity of heat wire or from any change in the resistance of the resistor due to folding or breaking of the heat wire. Consequently, local overheating will cause problems in the part concerned, which is very likely to lead to a fire. Various products containing carbon heat wire or charcoal heat wire, etc., are typical examples of hazards. Heat wire materials are coated with carbon, not metal. Therefore, prolonged use or folding or bending will result in cracked coating and local overheating, increasing the risk of fire constantly. Therefore, local overheating cannot be resolved unless the heat wires are made from highly durable metal. Therefore, the currently marketed blanket products operating at voltages below DC 24V, which are unable to control a high current easily, have two major problems, as below:
a) Poor heating performance - As it is difficult to control a high current, only a low current is applied without embedding many wires that make the power necessary for heating.
b) Fire hazard - With a high current, heat can be generated well. However, folding or bending the mat or using it without care is very likely to increase the risk of fire over the long-term due to the high current.
To overcome the problems of products operating at voltages below DC 24V, it is necessary to combine technologies, such as precisely thermally adjustable metal heat wire technology, heat technology enabling instantaneous heating and maintenance of constant temperature, and algorithm technology capable of precisely controlling the current. Only then will it be possible to make an electric blanket operating at voltages below DC 24V without harmful electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic Wave Test #1
Radishine tests negative for electromagnetic wave emission even when heating. The reading shows the same numerical value both before and after Radishine is in use.
Electromagnetic wave test #2
The left one is Radishine, the right one is a conventional heated blanket.
Advantages of Radishine
Radishine, by adopting a new advanced heating element alloy, has achieved precision, durability, ultra-fast heat generation, and the self-regulating ability to maintain temperature uniformly by the heat wire itself. Moreover, Radishine divides a large area to be heated into several circuits and controls them based on a circular heat generation algorithm to prevent any flow of excessive current to each part with high precision. Regarding these non-simple heating products and heat wires, Radishine developed by Radiance, represents the culmination of decades of scientific research and experiments. It removes concerns about harmful electromagnetic waves and fire/electric shock hazards. More importantly, Radishine which emits true far-infrared radiation (verified by various reports and agricultural and architectural fields, etc.) is expected to have beneficial effects on health, unlike existing products. Radishine is a product of science that facilitates sound sleep and promotes health.
Certified Anti-Bacterial
Sewn from an eco-friendly, natural fabric extracted from beech trees, RadiShine’s materials and SUHO far infrared heat technology synergize to create certified antibacterial protection that even blocks allergens and dust mites.

Hours of Battery Use

Extra power saving : 10.5W for the single size and 21W for the queen size) – Save your electricity bill

* Based on output mAh
* Batteries Not Included

Heated Comforter/Blanket Comparison Chart

Laundry Safe

Laundry safe and easy to use
Radishine is slim and flexible, allowing regular machine washes that ensure a semi-permanent life span. Extremely durable with no risk of electric shock, you can fold or wrinkle Radishine for storage, and also spin dry with no worries. Due to its convenience, a Radishine is a perfect choice for people who enjoy traveling or camping.

Radishine Companion App

Smart Phone Application
Download from i-Phone App Store or Google play store.

Goose Down Insulation

Premium Goose down Insulation
Stuffed with premium light-weight goose down, Radishine offers superior insulation and feather-soft to the touch.

RADISHINEHeated Blanket


Radishine Heated Blanket
Radishine Blanket is simple and comfortable heated blanket. 3 step temperature control, 5V battery powered and comes in two sizes. (no Bluetooth control)

Radishine Buyer Guide

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