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Outdoor Inovation

RakinGoose-down Heating Blanket (5V battery-powered)

Enjoy outdoor activities with additional warmth more freely anytime and anywhere

‘Can’t blankets become lighter and warmer?’ The outdoor project which started from that question gave birth to Rakin. Rakin, practical while beautiful, promises a warmer and lighter outdoor activity.


  • SFIM
    New Heating Composite Material
    Heat good for your health,
    Far-infrared radiation release
  • Easy power supply
    Cell phone Power bank
    (battery pack) (5V) usable
  • Premium
    Goose down
  • Able to fit in one hand
    390g ultra light,
    Small volume
  • High durability
    Able to fold freely,

World first Power bank (battery pack) (5V) heating blanket

slim and lightweight mats

Rakin is the first blanket in the world to use Power bank (battery pack) (5V) in releasing far-infrared radiation heat. Rakin’s core technology, advanced SFIM(SUHO Far-Infrared heating wire composite material), is a technology available only and Radiance.

Previous similar products cannot function with the 5v of Power bank (battery pack) of normal cell phones and have low heat efficiency which allows warming only a small area. There were many demands of heating blankets but due to shortness of needed material and technologies, it was never materialized.

But Rakin activates with normal cell phone Power bank (battery pack)(5v) and releases far-infrared radiation when turned on. Rakin’s SFIM is a advanced technique which allows far-infrared radiation soak in deep into the skin and allows coziness and warmness to spread to the body, giving a warm and comfortable feeling. It is a product which gives warmth, curing hypothermy when covered or spread outdoors and slept with in large areas with only a cell phone Power bank (battery pack). With Rakin’s high technologies, don’t withdraw from the cold of camping, tracking, fishing, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

Simple and portable

portable far infrared radiation

Rakin is a simple outdoor blanket which can be used anytime anywhere by just adjusting a cell phone Power bank (battery pack) in the USB jack inside the battery pocket. With the SFIM installed, Rakin can be used while folded or crumpled in anyway and is light so can fit in small bags and carried around.

Safe ultra low voltage circuit

positive thermal activity bedding

Safe low voltage circuit approved from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is 24v, but Rakin is designed to work at 5v. In the case of 24v, there is no risk of short circuit and electric shock, but when children have water near their mouths it can be dangerous. Rakin uses a 5v safe ultra low voltage circuit system free from fire, short circuit, and electric shock through unanticipated outdoor activities.

Strong Durability

far infrared radiation mats

SFIM has an equal resistance value even when folded 700,000 times and a tensile strength same as that of a crane wire. Previous heating elements have durability and easily become disconnected with low flexibility. But through strong and flexible SFIM, Rakin provides steady heat for a long time. Freely fold it or crumple it while using or keeping it anytime anywhere.

Premium design and materials

heating blanket heating blanket

‘Rakin’ pursues unique colors and sensible design through collaboration with ARTESIGN LAB, famous for up-products. Also, the premium goose down((down 90%, feather 10%) allows the weight light as a feather and high heat preservation.

Fabric is made of DWR(Durable Water Repellent) polyester ripstop material which allows high air permeability and durability and waterproof which makes water fall in bubbles. Experience warm and safe outdoors with the premium blanket Rakin.


  • 20D Ripstop Polyester
  • DWR
  • Premium goose-down
  • Size
    M: 100cm x 145cm (390g)
    L : 130cm x 180cm (500g)
mat size
Rating power consumption
DC 5V 2.2A : 11W
* For cell phone Power bank (battery pack) only
Hour of use
When using original Power bank (battery pack) with 10,000mAh (energy output)
- High temperature(Red): about 4 hours and 30 minutes
- Middle temperature(Blue): About 6 hours and 45 minutes
- Low temperature(Green): About 9 hours
(time can differ according to quality and used time of power bank(battery pack))
* Power banks(battery packs) aren’t sold by our company and users must purchase them through other means or use products purchased beforehand.
How to use
- Adjust the power banks(battery packs) to the product’s cable(the USB jack).
- Turn the power bank(battery pack) on.
- Turn the product on by using power switch.
* Press the power switch for 3 seconds (For On and Off).
* Turn from high temperature(red) to middle temperature(blue) and then low temperature(green).
- After warming up for 5 minutes, it automatically turns in middle temperature(blue). At this point, reset the service temperature.
Service temperature
- Temperature of SFIM heat rays : 72℃(temperature of heat rays measured when far-infrared radiation release blocked)
- Actual temperature when using product : 38 ~ 45℃
- Penetration length of far-infrared radiation is about 3~5cm
* As it is not a surface heater, but a technology using the radiant heat returned from vibration made by far-infrared radiation entered in the body, the temperature can feel different according to users.
Power banks(battery packs)
- Power banks(battery packs) aren’t sold by our company and users must purchase them through other means or use products purchased beforehand.
- Power bank(battery packs) must be 5V(no limitations on capacity), and all power banks(battery packs) distributed around the world can be used.
- After warming up for 5 minutes and reset, it is possible to control the temperature from level 1~3.
- If used as high temperature mode in a long time or directly on the skin, injuries can occur.
- Do not dismantle, remodel, or mend.
- Pushing the power switch on too hard can result in breakdowns.
- Power banks(battery packs) can explode when thrown, damaged, or used too much heated situations over 50℃ so please follow precautions of power bank(battery pack) dealers.
* As power banks(battery packs) are not our company’s products, we are not responsible for related cases.

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