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No need for an outlet, an external battery pack keeps Rakin wireless and portable. There is no risk of electric shock, fire or harmful electromagnetic wave exposure. Capable of being powered by any 5V external battery (power bank), Rakin offers unparalleled heating efficiency. To ensure that consumers can use heat bedding more conveniently, compatibility should be assured with various products that are commercially marketed and very easily available. In this smart phone era, compatibility is important for products standardized with DC 5V (2.1A output), which are available anywhere. Rakin is a convenient and safe product compatible with any components such as a DC 5V(2.1A output) battery, auxiliary battery, power bank, power bank auxiliary battery, battery pack, energy storage devices(ESS), and portable DC power supplies, etc., which differs from device that work by plugging a power cord into an AC 110-220V in combination with bedding such as ordinary electric blanket/pad, etc.

Rakin Large Size

Rakin Medium Size

By using heat circulation technology, the thermal energy moves around in sequence, Top – Mid – Bottom of the blanket automatically by the smart algorithm. (Top-Bottom for medium size)

Existing technology of the current market (except for Radiance’s) requires 15V to generate heat this wide area instantly, and regular 5V USB battery packs would be no use. It means customers have to use special battery packs and there is no practicality and compatibility at all.

Only with Radiance’s patent technology; Heat Circulation, it has become possible to heat up a large area by a 5V portable power bank.

Rakin is slim and flexible, allowing regular machine washes that ensure a semi-permanent life span. Extremely durable with no risk of electric shock, you can fold or wrinkle Rakin for storage, and also spin dry with no worries. Due to its convenience, a Rakin is a perfect choice for people who enjoy traveling or camping.

Rakin comes in two sizes and five colors. The DWR Polyester Ripstop Premium goose-down materials has a high heat preservation. Rakin has 3 heat levels where each heating lasts for 9 hours on low heat setting(Green LED), 6 hours and 45 minutes on medium heating setting(Blue LED), and 4 hours and 30 minutes on high heat setting(Red LED). Rakin is very light(under 500g for large size) in nature, which makes it very easy to pack and carry around. The material is also water repellent and 100% washable. Rakin is the perfect companion for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activities.

What is SFIM?

SFIM(SUHO Far-Infrared heating wire composite material), the core technology of Radiance, is a heat-generating new material and releases a special far-infrared ray. Far-infared ray is a new type of infrared radiation that NASA discovered. The typical effect of far-infrared ray generating a heat reaction after being absorbed into our bodies, is enlarging our capillaries, encouraging blood circulation and cellular tissue growth. Also, when the heat reaches the moisture and protein molecules that make up the cells, it shakes the cells 2,000 times per minute. This vitalizes the cellular tissues, helping to prevent aging, boost metabolism, increasing tissue regeneration, and preventing adult diseases such as chronic fatigue. Other benefits include pain reduction, removal of heavy metal particles, deodorization, mold-repelling, dehumidification, and air cleaning, making it useful as medical equipment, kitchen equipment, housing and building materials, textiles, bedding, etc. SFIM is the world's first far-infrared ray containing energy of universe.

What is far infrared ray?

Far-infrared rays are a new type of infrared radiation that NASA has discovered. Beginning from research to secure food resources inside a spaceship, far-infrared ray studies have developed mostly for medical purposes. It is an effective light that is regarded as an elixir of life, effective in treating cancer and preventing aging.

Conventional heating products’ far-infrared
vs Rakin’s far-infrared

Conventional heating/steaming and thermal equipment has weak or temporary far-infrared effects (weak penetration, short distance, etc.). The heat cannot reach over 1cm under the skin so that it has less therapeutic effect. Most heating/steaming and thermal equipment needs to be applied for at least 30 minutes to warm the muscle tissue by raising its temperature by 1 degree. Such a long exposure to heat may cause burns. The far-infrared heat of Rakin permeates deeply into muscle and bone tissues, perfectly achieving the far-infrared effect of the sun discovered by NASA. Rakin is the only product that can bring real therapeutic effects such as relaxation of muscle pain, improvements of blood circulation, and enhancement of the immune system.

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Rakin, by adopting a new advanced heating element alloy, has achieved precision, durability, ultra-fast heat generation, and the self-regulating ability to maintain temperature uniformly by the heat wire itself. Moreover, Rakin divides a large area to be heated into several circuits and controls them based on a circular heat generation algorithm to prevent any flow of excessive current to each part with high precision. Regarding these non-simple heating products and heat wires, Rakin developed by Radiance, represents the culmination of decades of scientific research and experiments. It removes concerns about harmful electromagnetic waves and fire/electric shock hazards.

Rakin’s SUHO far infrared heat technology synergize to create certified antibacterial protection that even blocks allergens and dust mites.

Premium Goose down Insulation Stuffed with premium light-weight goose down, Rakin offers superior insulation and feather-soft to the touch.

Only consumes 11W (DC 5V 2.2A) * Based on output 10,000mAh * Batteries Not Included

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