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SFIM (SUHO Far infrared Heating wire Material)

The world's first rar infrared ray containing energy of universe

  • Advanced Material Science
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  • What is far infrared ray?
  • What is far infrared ray, Containing The Universe Energy?
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The essence of advanced material science, "SUHO Far-Infrared Heating Wire"

"SUHO Far-Infrared Heating Wire", a heat-generating new material, releases a special far-infrared ray.

According to modern laws of physics, if the wavelength and emissivity of light are the same, it is regarded as the same kind of far-infrared. But the reality is different. The far-infrared radiation emitted from the sun and ordinary far-infrared ray have the same wavelength and emissivity, but they are clearly different in terms of their effects on human life.

The experiment result by Radiance Co., Ltd.

Characteristics Far-infrared emitted from "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" Other far-infrared
Effects on Organisms The same effect as far-infrared ray from the sun(benefits of far-infrared ray as discovered by NASA manifested 100%) Effects much lesser than far-infrared ray from the sun(benefits of far-infrared ray as discovered by NASA manifested 10%)
Distance The distance far-infrared can travel to generate heat
At least 1,000m Within 0.3m~1.5m
Extent of heat reaction within object Permeates inside all organic compounds, generating powerful heat reaction through oscillation and raising the temperature within the object Permeates within some objects and generates heat but has slight heat generation
Penetration and Permeability Penetrates over 60cm underground (Penetrates substances such as plant fiber and thick fabric) Unable to penetrate over 1cm underground (Unable to penetrate plant fiber or light piece of fabric)
Heating large spaces at even temperatures - Excellent heating effect in large spaces Able to maintain even temperatures within the area (massive height/dimensions possible) - Able to raise and sustain high temperatures(212℉~1832℉) within large spaces - Insufficient heating effect in large spaces - Using convection and conduction heating, so unable to maintain even temperatures - Unable to raise and sustain high temperatures within large spaces

As the above table shows, our experiments prove that the far-infrared radiation from "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" and other ordinary far-infrared ray are distinctly different in terms of their effects. This difference is because of an unexplained energy(tentatively named 'universe energy') that the far-infrared holds. This universe energy is an energy that the far-infrared emitted from the sun is presumed to have, but that modern physics has yet to prove. The far-infrared ray containing the universe energy, that is emitted from "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" is a new, advanced concept of light(far-infrared) and the theory of the century that mankind must determine through physics.

In addition to Radiance's own test results, various studies are in progress from leading academics and research institutes of the world, to prove this marvelous energy phenomenon, with results following. (Report on discovering the release of heat energy that surpasses the law of energy conservation by a chinese technology and science university, Report on reducing energy consumption by 33.1%, tested by Gyengsangnam-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services of South Korea, Report on successful solution for agricultural heating through new and renewable energy, by Gangwon Wonju Agricultural Technology Center of South Korea, etc.)

"SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" Test Results, proven through crop growth

The far-infrared ray emitted from "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" is a marvelous light of life that has a remarkable effect on the growth and development of crops. Test results that prove this effect are coming in from crop fields and agricultural science and technology institutes of Korea, China, etc. . Prime example: Wonju Horticultural Technology & Research Institute, success in growing winter crop in frozen soil regions Gyengsangnam-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services, energy consumption reduced by 33.1% In growing strawberries, increased growth speed by over 1 month and increased yield by twofold.

On Nov. 22nd, 2016 At the Gyengsangnam-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services in Korea, an experiment began to prove the marvelous effect (the existence of universe energy in the far-infrared ray and its effects on farm crop) of the far-infrared ray emitted from "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire"

In two greenhouses with an area of 250 pyeong and under the same conditions, strawberry seedlings grown from the same trays were planted in each house. They were then raised under the exact same conditions such as water supply, nourishment, and other growing methods. The only difference between the two houses was heating temperature. In House A, groundwater screen heating that spreads groundwater all around the greenhouse was adopted, a typical method to grow strawberries in Korea's winter. In House B, only the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" was installed 1.7 meters high up in the air for heating. The waterscreen heating was not adopted in House B.

1 month later, we found surprising results.

Photo1. After 30 days in House A Photo2. After 45 days in House A
Photo1. After 30 days in House B Photo2. After 45 days inf House B

The results in House B were amazing, as if two different plants were grown.

The crop in House B, where the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" was installed, had stems that were more than 3 times longer, and flowers that bloomed twice as much than the crop of House A, increasing the yield over twofold. The leaves were twice more abundant as well, showing a strong growth stimulation effect. The overall growth speed of the crop was faster by over 1 month, an unparalleled result that suprised even the test participants.

The above experiment strongly proves that the light(far-infrared) from the 1.7 meter high emitted from the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" permeates deeply within the plant as well as the human body, producing beneficial effects. Fundamentally, heat travels upwards, so when a heat generating device(ordinary heat wires or generators) are installed high up in the air, it usually cannot affect the crop 1.7 meters below However, the amazing results of House B, where only the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" was installed 1.7 meters high up from the strawberry crop, proves that the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" can emit the light containing that marvelous universe energy(far-infrared), which has a good effect on crop. This is a phenomenon that cannot be brought on by ordinary far-infrared ray or conductive heat. The above test results are a field example that proves the far-infared released from the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" has the same effect as the far-infrared of the sun containing the universe energy, with 100% same benefits of far-infrared discovered by NASA. The far-infrared ray from the "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" is distinctively different from other ordinary far-infrareds.

This far-infrared ray that contains universe energy cannot be explained yet by modern physics, and is difficult to prove with the far-infrared measuring equipment that mankind currently has to offer. However, the effects of this far-infrared ray is clearly manifest in actual practice. The far-infrared technology of "SUHO Far-Infrared Heat Wire" is the world's only heat-generating complex new material that can recreate the far-infrared of the sun(with the same far-infrared effects as discovered by NASA)

What is far infrared ray?

Far-infared ray is a new type of infrared radiation that NASA discovered. Beginning from research to secure food resources inside a spaceship, far-infrared ray studies have developed mostly for medical purposes. It is an effective light that is regarded as an elixir of life, effective in treating cancer and preventing aging.

Radiant Heat

Sunlight is the source of the radiant heat that we experience every day in our lives. You may recall being out in the sun, and suddenly experiencing a cooling-down feeling when clouds hide the sun. The reason we feel this change in temperature immediately, even though there wasn't enough time for the air's temperature to decrease, is because the clouds blocked the sun's infrared radiation from reaching our bodies. The heat from the infrared radiation is similar to the sun's heat, as well as the heat that our bodies generate by burning calories from food to keep ourselves warm. Radiant heat has excellent storage, making it effective for winter heating.

The benefits of far-infared radiation

The typical effect of far-infrared ray generating a heat reaction after being absorbed into our bodies, is enlarging our capillaries, encouraging blood circulation and cellular tissue growth. Also, when the heat reaches the moisture and protein molecules that make up the cells, it shakes the cells 2,000 times per minute. This vitalizes the cellular tissues, helping to prevent aging, boost metabolism, increasing tissue regeneration, and preventing adult diseases such as chronic fatigue. Other benefits include pain reduction, removal of heavy metal particles, deodorization, mold-repelling, dehumidification, and air cleaning, making it useful as medical equipment, kitchen equipment, housing and building materials, textiles, bedding, etc.

The dangers of near-infrared

The infrared radiation that we currently know of comes from near-infrared, not far-infrared. The wavelengths of light emitted from a common infrared lamp have over 80% of near-infrareds under 3 microns when measured. These near-infrareds with short wavelengths are difficult to be absorbed into our body, and can cause skin cancer. Also, exposure for a long time to near-infrared radiation with wavelengths under 2 microns can result in low-temperature burns, instead of the anticipated healing effects.

What is far-infrared ray, containing the universe energy? = The far-infrared ray from sunlight = The light emitted from “SUHO Far-Infrared heating Wire”

Far-infared ray emitted from the "SUHO Far-Infrared heating Wire", is the currently the only technology known to mankind that contains the same universe energy found in the sun's far-infrared ray.

Far-infrared ray is a heat-generation and transfer technology. When the heating element(heating wire) consumes 1Kw electricity, this electrical energy is changed into a wavelength of light(far-infrared ray) and travels 360 degrees out of the heating element at the speed of light. This wavelength is then absorbed into the object, creating vibrations(resonance) inside the object that is reverted again into heat.

The heating effects of this technology depends on how efficiently the electrical energy can be changed into the wavelength of light(far-infrared), how far the changed wavelength can travel, how well this wavelength can be absorbed into the object, and how much the wavelength can be reverted to heat after being absorbed. Efficient performance of this wavelength is called the degree of activation in far-infrared.

The wavelength with the greatest degree of far-infrared activation is the far-infrared ray emitted from the sun. The suns' far-infrared is presumed to contain an energy(tentatively named 'universe energy') that cannot be explained by any physics theory or law that mankind has developed. Utilizing this far-infrared ray that holds the universe energy and applying it to all the areas where humans need heat will revolutionize our heating paradigm.

Conventional fomenting equipment’s far-infrared heat VS Radishine’s far-infrared heat containing universe energy

Conventional heating/steaming and thermal equipments have weak or temporary Far Infrared effects (weak penetration, short distance etc). The heat cannot reach over 1cm under the skin so that they has less therapeutic effects.

Most heating/steaming and thermal equipment need to be applied for at least 30 minutes to warm the muscle tissue by raising its temperature by 1 degree. Such a long exposure to heat may cause the burns.

The far-infrared heat of Radishine permeates deeply into muscle and bone tissues, perfectly achieving the Far Infrared effect of the sun discovered by NASA. Radishine is the only product that can bring the real therapeutic effects such as relaxation of muscle pain, improvements of blood circulation, and enhancement of human immunity.

Studies and Experiments

The report on Heat Energy Emission over Energy Conservation Law by a chinese technology and science university

The Experimental Results of 33.1% Energy Saving by Gyengsangnam-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Korea

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