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Cutting-edge technology that will change the world: next generation composite material "SUHO Far-Infrared Heating Wire"

The world's first FIR with universe energy

*FIR: Far-Infrared ray


Radiance's "SUHO Far-Infrared Heating Wire" recreates 100%
the benefits of FIR first discovered by NASA,
by releasing the genuine energy of the universe- the Sun's far-infrared.
FIR was discovered from NASA's research
to secure food resources inside a spaceship, without sunlight to grow plants.
Since then, far-infrared has been developed for medical purposes.
It is an ideal light that is regarded as an elixir of life,
effective in treating cancer and preventing aging.
"SUHO Far-Infrared Heating Wire" is a cutting-edge,
heat-generating new material that is the only technology
made by mankind that can recreate the benefits of FIR discovered by NASA.

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Smart Heating Algorithm®

Optimal thermal algorithm for human body


Through decades of scientific research and clinical trials,
Radiance has developed the optimal thermal algorithm for human sleep and health. With Smart Heating Algorithm®, Radiance enhances the beneficial effects of heat without any side effects.

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Thermal Massage Therapy

High-tech thermal circulation science
for treatment


Radiance maximizes the self-healing ability of the human body.
For mankind's dreams of the beautiful and healthy life, Radiance's thermal massage therapy is with you.
Radiance boosts immunity for your happiness.

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Ultimate Safety and Zero
electrical pollution using
DC low voltage


Not using the high AC electricity causing the harmful electromagnetic waves
(electrical pollution), Radiance utilize low voltage and Direct Current which
guarantees the ultimate safety and does not cause harmful electromagnetic waves fundamentally.

Blocking electrical pollution VS No electrical pollution

The existing products which assert that they block the generation of harmful electromagnetic waves cannot fundamentally prevent the generation although they can decrease the effect of harmful electromagnetic waves by using the blocking materials. Radiance products use the technology which can make super high heat using not AC but DC low voltage and does not cause any harmful electromagnetic waves.

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SFIM’s expected effect of enhancing health


SFIM is born with a mixture of composite new materials which generates far-infrared ray in 100% effect discovered by NASA, Smart Heating Algorithm®, and thermal circulation massage therapy technology.

* Radishine is certified medical product by KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration)

Radiance expects that SFIM’s excellence of thermal technology helps people improve health in various ways.

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